How to match a blouse

- Nov 29, 2018 -

Many girls like to wear shirts, simple and popular. Shirts have become a popular fashion item. There are many kinds of shirts. Different kinds of shirts have different matching skills. A simple shirt can match different styles. So, how do women's shirts look good?

Splicing contrast color thin shirt + black skinny jeans stitching contrast color thin shirt is more suitable for a pair of black skinny jeans, not only can show the girl's tall figure, but also make girls look full of tide, Chao Fan girls will definitely like . Cake Lace Skirt + Gray Short Shirt The cake lace skirt is fitted with a gray short shirt. It is very fashionable and charming. The white skirt is more sexy than the female growth legs. Yellow chiffon shirt + flare jeans + purple red hat + handbag yellow chiffon shirt with flared jeans dress is not a little retro trend, such a shape, of course, can not be less a purple red hat, and then take a handbag More charming. White lace shirt + white shorts White lace shirt is very sexy dress, with a pair of white shorts more feminine sexy, with the long hair of the bangs in the middle of the hair to take care of the absolute sweet beauty. Dark green shirt + black tights dark green shirt with black tights

Of course, you need to have a coat for the cool weather. Simple openwork shirt + tight-fitting pants Simple short-sleeved shirt with tight-fitting pants, the simple and loose design of the upper body does not pick the body, the lower body is wearing tight-fitting pants and super slim. Ruffled blouse + black maxi dress The ruffled blouse with black maxi dress brings a rich retro college style, smooth and elegant. As long as you follow the "ups and downs" rules, the overall feeling is very fashionable. (This article is from the map teacher website, please visit Women's long shirt with what pants look good 1, blue wave long shirt wear long paragraph with blue wave points Shirts can bring a refreshing feeling, with white shorts and a pair of simple sandals [top ten brands], which is one of the best combinations in the wild, plus bright accents, the overall simple yet It's also very bright, so that the clean body is full of fresh flavor. 2, red checkered shirt bib is also the current trend of 100 matching goods, top with red checkered shirt, slim pants, red plaid shirt casual and compact, strap pants waist pocket effect is very good, a little bit Defects can be completely obscured, and you can show your body more perfect, more fresh and cute style. 3, shirts and denim Shirts and denim match style has always been the most practical choice. Long shirts create an casual casual taste, and can highlight the retro fashion trend, as long as you try to change, you will make your overall look more interesting. 4, stripe pattern long shirt stripe pattern long shirt in the visual will give a serious feeling, it is better to choose a short-sleeved denim shirt with the same color to wear on the outside, whether it is a sense of collocation or layering Will be greatly improved. 5, long white sleeveless shirt black super shorts with a long white sleeveless shirt, tied with a shell belt, giving a noble and elegant feeling, if combined with gray striped shorts, enhance the unique temperament, you are most practical In everyday wear, you can still enjoy the charm without losing points.

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