Leggings skills

- Oct 28, 2018 -

The leggings of the 1980s were worn by young girls, led by Madonna, whose dressing themes were rebellious and sexy. Back then, leggings were worn mostly with high heels, leather jackets, pompons, big earrings and black lipstick. Feng shui turns around and the leggings come back. Today's leggings, which are worn not only by young girls but by mature women, are this time available in a variety of combinations, with skirts, dresses, blouses, work wear and evening wear. According to the fashion channel of America, don't forget the following:

Go with a baggy ultrashort dress, princess dress and high heels.

Pair with miniskirts and flats.

Dress up with a formal dress.

Tight pants are not trousers, they can't be worn as trousers, so they must not show the fart, the fart must be covered.

Skip the colorful printed leggings.

Don't wear see-through leggings, let alone '80s lustrous leggings of any color.

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