Beauty Women Wear Tips

- Dec 15, 2018 -

Many girls with yellow and black skin are not afraid to try yellow easily. They always feel that they will have a dark complexion. In fact, if we match it, it will be white. For example, a ginger coat with a beige sweater, this combination looks clean and does not make people feel bad.

This year's wine red and tomato red are very popular colors. The military green sweater is paired with a burgundy knit skirt, and the contrasting color looks very high-grade. Red and black are also the most classic colors, and you can't make mistakes when you wear them.

Blue is a very fair complexion, clean and elegant. Among them, the smoky blue is more popular this year. The smoky blue coat is matched with the blue knit dress, and the near-color matching is very beautiful and white.

Bean sand green has a small fresh look, low-key and soft. Bean sand green cotton dress with brown sweater and khaki pattern skirt, very youthful look, with a white collar, with the gentle and clear feeling of the girl next door.

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