Polartec Coats Keep You Warm In The Cold Winter

- Dec 19, 2018 -

TianQi garment factory winter cold

Polartec Coats Keep You Warm In The Cold Winter

Polartec is soft, light, fast drying and easy to wash. It can keep out the cold even the weather is damp.Under the same conditions, it is twice as warm as merino wool and four times as warm as cotton. It is not heavy to wear and make you feel comfortable. 

n addition, Polartec can also be combined with any other fabrics for better anti-cold effect (Polartec and Polartec composite, Polartec and denim composite, Polartec and lamb wool composite, Polartec and mesh fabric composite with waterproof breathable film in the middle, etc.).

Polartec is already quietly leading the way in new trends, and it may be that all you need in your wardrobe this winter is a single piece of Polartec coat that will keep you warm through the winter.

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