The Future Of Shirts

- Oct 28, 2018 -

Big country, China is a population of one billion three hundred million is the world's largest clothing consumer and producer, has great development in recent years, China's garment industry, the development of garment industry greatly promoted the development of China's national economy, textile and garment in 2005 output value accounts for about one over ten of the national output, and has set up a export surplus for the first five years in a row, apparel industry has made great contribution to China's export, at the same time, China has become the world's largest clothing production and processing base, the world every three pieces of clothing, one from the production in China.

For the garment industry, the key tasks of the "11th five-year plan" development are: to strengthen and speed up the construction of self-owned clothing brands, recruit international design talents, and improve product design capacity; Strengthening product design and marketing; Actively seek for international market breakthrough, use international marketing means, improve the proportion of self-owned brand export, and strive to form several internationally influential and well-known brands by 2010; We will actively promote the use of advanced clothing equipment, and by the end of the eleventh five-year plan period, the proportion of international advanced equipment in the industry will have reached 50%, and the labor productivity will have increased to 70,000 yuan per person per year.

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