Which Clothes Are Not Suitable For Dry Cleaning

- Jan 04, 2019 -

One. Clothing with a coated chemical texture cannot be dry cleaned. The coating hardens due to high temperatures and organic solvents.

two. Electrostatic flocking fabric clothing. This fabric looks like a corduroy, and the suede will fall off after dry cleaning.

three. Artificial leather and clothing with artificial leather accessories. After dry cleaning, it will crack and harden.

four. Down garments are not allowed to be dry cleaned. Dry clothing dry cleaning will degrease the down, so it is better to wash.

Fives. Clothing with more beadings cannot be dry cleaned. Some clothes buttons will melt and deform during dry cleaning. Generally, dry cleaners will pick up the buttons for customers.

six. The color of the contrast is large and the dyeing is not strong. It is easy to cross-color during dry cleaning and is not suitable for dry cleaning. Generally, regular garment manufacturers will sew the washing method of the garment on the lining, just follow the instructions of the washing label. If you are not sure, it is best to find a regular dry cleaner, experts will give you a correct advice.

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